About My Practice

As a Professional Surrogate Partner, I work with gay, bi-sexual or transgendered men who are struggling with sexual orientation, desire and/or functioning issues, and with those who need to learn and practice emotional congruence, pleasure in touching and being touched, open and effective communication, and more mature social skills in the context of and in preparation for intimate relationships.

I bring to this work broad personal and professional experience, as well as specific training in:

  • teaching the skills of touch and relationship;
  • holding a strong container of care for all kinds of clients;
  • helping clients build body awareness and sustain sensate focus;
  • clarifying mental, emotional, physical and sexual information;
  • building safe and nurturing emotional and physical intimacy.

I am available for Surrogate Partner Therapy in intensive, short-term formats in Charlottesville, VA. Intensives vary in length depending on the client’s needs, and are most often structured in 5-10 day blocks, or 2-3 long weekends. In these formats, I work with the client 3-4 hours a day, giving time to integrate what comes up, journal the process, and discuss the sessions with the team therapist. My fees are similar to what therapists in the area charge.

My home studio is an ideal place for intimacy to grow and healing to occur. It is warm and spacious, well equipped, and in a quiet and private setting in which to experience surrogate work. A wide variety of restaurants and accommodations are available nearby.

When needed, I can also travel to other cities for intensives. In these cases, my travel and accommodations costs, in addition to my session fees, are covered by the client.

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About My Professional Association

My work as a gay Surrogate Partner always involves the ongoing participation and supervision of a licensed mental health professional. When working as a Surrogate, I follow the ethical guidelines established by the International Professional Surrogates Association (IPSA).

Roger Tolle