About My Background

Since 1985, I have had a full time bodywork and movement education practice specializing in The TragerĀ® Approach. Clients include men and women of all ages and with a wide spectrum of presenting concerns:

  • sexual, emotional and physical abuse
  • stress from relationships and work
  • neuro-muscular diseases
  • postural and physical anomalies
  • need for nourishing touch and human contact
  • disconnection from spiritual, emotional, sensual or erotic expression.

Throughout this period I have been teaching personal development workshops and professional bodywork and movement therapy trainings around the world, with themes including:

  • the art and science of safe, pleasurable, intentional and ethical touch
  • sustained sensate focus for practitioner self care, efficient movement dynamics and powerful presence
  • relationship of personal development to professional effectiveness
  • See www.rogertolle.net for full information on trainings and workshops.

Since being certified by IPSA in 2011, I have presented on Surrogacy at the National AASECT Conference in San Diego and at the Regional AASECT Forum in Washington, DC.

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My Professional Associations

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