About Surrogate Partner Therapy

Based on the work of Masters and Johnson from the 1970s, and further developed by various therapists and researchers since then, Surrogate Partner Therapy is a 3-way therapeutic relationship consisting of a client, a therapist and a surrogate. It is primarily used within the context of on-going therapy where physical experience with a partner is both at the core of the client's presenting concerns and is seen to be the best way of resolving the client's issues. Through carefully establishing a therapeutic context, and by setting and maintaining strong boundaries, it works ethically to bring into an on-going therapy process elements of useful and necessary felt experience, along with practice with a partner in the development of sexual/loving relationship skills.

During the entire therapy process, dialog is maintained between all members of the three-person team (client, therapist and surrogate). Decisions about the directions and pace of the therapeutic experiences are made by the entire team, with the goal being to provide the client with the most helpful and healthy balance of safety, challenge, and success in the arena of sex, intimacy and relationship.

Who needs Surrogate Partner Therapy?

The process is offered for clients in sex therapy who are not currently in an on-going relationship but have a strong need to work with a partner in order to develop more accurate or nuanced body-awareness, more self-confidence, and/or more capacity for emotional and physical intimacy. In addition, it offers clients unparalleled opportunities for experiencing, practicing, and integrating new relational, social, sensual, and sexual skills.

Surrogate Partner Therapy has been shown to be effective in the treatment of a variety of sexual disorders and problems with sexual functioning. Common issues include lack of experience, fear of intimacy, and shame or anxiety regarding sex. And it has served as a solid sensory foundation from which clients with mental, emotional or physical disabilities can build a more satisfying sexual/relationship life.

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About The Experience

Trust, comfort, relaxation, and communication are the best foundation for healthy sexual functioning. We start there. Then, depending on the client's needs, we focus on sustaining sensory awareness and receiving pleasure from touching and being touched. Sessions may involve time spent clarifying sexuality information, practicing social skills in an intimate setting, learning to cope with conflict or anxiety while building erotic charge, or whatever else the client needs to experience in the context of relationship. And all of this happens in the field of growing self-awareness and sexual self-confidence.

Surrogate Partner Therapy

The Male Surrogate Video

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